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„No matter if she sings latin tunes or jazz, Claudia Carbo has the creative potential for both. She’s very close to her musical idol Ella Fitzgerald.”
TIP Magazine, Berlin

She has Jazz in her blood ,and a voice that gives the creeps to the listener. Claudia Carbo’s appearance harkens back to the Hollywood divas of the fourties. She is a combination of musical passion and sensual emanation. Her warm and versatile voice gives a new dimension to classical jazz. Her singing is more authentic and genuine than many of the young singers that are praised these days.”

A sultry voice –full of spirit and passion , South American singer Claudia Carbo emotes Jazz with deep conviction. Since the legendary artist is named in one breath with Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday.”
FAZ Sunday News

With an elegant, lovely and equally smoky voice her songs have a soft flow like the whisper of a wind. She sings with an intense jazz feeling and a very personal, intimate sound.”
Disk Union, Tokyo

Rarely have we experienced such an outstanding jazz concert”
El Comercio, Lima

Carbo likes purity. The charismatic Ella Fitzgerald is her big idol, but she avoids any plagiarism. This unpretentiousness gave her concert class. She evades in melody, rhythm and lyrics, the music gripped her and the public. Claudia Carbo – that high standard jazz of the finest.”
Weser Kurier

She is a new vocalist of a great value. The white-skinned singer has a big talent and a very particular sensivity of expression. The lovers of female voices in jazz should not miss her.”
Moonlight News, Milan

Claudia Carbo has the feeling that makes good jazz out of a good song and she knows how to use her voice effectfully.”
Jazz Podium Magazine

Claudia Carbo conjures the spirit of the hopeless lovers with her dark and sensual voice. We could listen to her singing until the morning dawn.”
WOM Magazine

With the unmistakeable versatility of her voice,she elegantly guides her listeners through a palette of moods..”
Jazz Journal

She has the latin spirit in her voice and movements … Her charming personality enchanted the audience, who was intranced by her voice, the lyrics and the feeling of jazz. Elegantly dressed in a long silk gown, she celebrated a great performance.”
BLV Diary

Singing is the release of everything she has ever wanted in life ”.
BRIGITTE Woman Magazine

Claudia Carbo, appearance reminiscent of a movie star from the fifties, stood in the limelight, relaxed. With rouge on her lips and wrapped in a tight dress,she started singing in a soft and sensual voice, quite an exquisite vision.”
Frankfurter Rundschau

Claudia Carbo – the finest of Jazz!”

The lady of jazz Claudia Carbo – the latin rhythms and the classical jazz. The southamerican singer commands both …”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Her voice reminds at times of a whispering Marilyn Monroe, and at other times of Ella Fitzgerald. With her lightness and enthusiasm, she charms her musicians and the public.”
Darmstädter Echo

A fascinating voice who has graced stages and jazzclubs all over the world . No other Jazz artist in Germany has been so successful in such a short amount of time.”
Blitz Tip Weekly

No matter if Claudia Carbo submerges into the American Song Book, if she shows her latin american side, or if she moves through pure ballads, she does her job very well. The public cheered her with enthusiasm.”
Mindener Tagblatt

Lima welcomes the jazzdiva Claudia Carbo, the native peruvian who became a personality in the international jazz business.”
Expreso Daily, Lima

We are deeply proud of Claudia Carbo … This is light and happy jazz with class.”
Radio Miraflores, Lima

Claudia Carbo bewiched her public with her sensual voice. She has jazz in her blood”

She makes magic with her voice.”
tz, Munich

Jazz standards were interpreted with equal excellence as the latin songs. Claudia Carbo’s phrasing is in a class by itself. And her voice! The way she uses her vocal chords is a masterpiece.”
Die Norddeutsche

Claudia Carbo – an outstanding and sensual voice …”
Mix Magazine

Claudia Carbo enlarges in a beautiful way the program of Krall, Cole or Monheit.”
Music Channe

She has a voice that harmonizes the sensuality in jazz with swing and blues. More than a recitation, she passionately gives her music class.”
All about Jazz, Milan

She struggled with power towards the stage, with success … Her public feels and appreciates the deepness of her feeling for music. Not every arist is able to convey that.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

As brillant as the vocalist is, the most remarkable aspect of this record is the harmonic interaction of all the musicians. Claudia Carbo, with her remarkable voice, and the soloists convert their jazz feeling into excellent songs.”

Claudia Carbo’s new CD: A beautiful, fresh straight-ahead jazz album.”
Jazz Thing

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